Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lime Fresh to Replace Potbelly's

According to the Washington Business Journal, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill will replace the Potbelly at 726 7th Street in "mid-2013."

We're struck by the fact that Potbelly will be closing - particularly when another Mexican restaurant, California Tortilla, is right next door (and Chipotle is right across the street!).


  1. Oh, no. This is TERRIBLE news! I like Potbelly and we sure as heck don't need another Mexican place. WTH Are they hoping to drive Cal Tort out of biz? Cal Tort rocks!

  2. Agreed that Cal tort is great, and that we don't need another "fast casual" Mexican place, but there is another Potbelly's at 11th and K, so not too far away for a fix...

  3. What???? This makes absolutely no sense. Potbelly's is always busy, and there's no other sandwich place on that block.