Thursday, October 11, 2012

National Law Enforcement Museum Gets More Funding

Ground broke at the National Law Enforcement Museum in late 2010 on the 400 block of E Street with the intention of opening in 2013.  As residents know, there were construction challenges (causing E Street to be closed for about a year), and there were evidently fundraising issues as well.

Thanks to a generous donation from Motorola, the project is again moving full steam ahead.  With a $10 million grant and $5 million in products and services, the museum is now scheduled to open in 2015.  According to the museum, it will "help visitors better understand and appreciate the vital contributions our law officers have made to our nation... [and] will tell the story of the courageous work of the men and women who have spent their lives protecting us... through interactive exhibitions and compelling first-person narratives. ...They'll experience the physical and emotional challenges that law enforcement professional face every single day."

In June of this year, the construction was deemed 50% complete.  You can see the update from Memorial Fund Chairman & CEO Craig W. Floyd here:

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