Thursday, August 30, 2012

No News from Wagamama

This is hardly a news story these days, but we thought we'd let you know that we recently reached out to our contact at Wagamama.  The Director of Marketing told us:
"I am afraid there is no new news on this subject."
When asked if there was anything she could tell us about the reasons for delay, she responded "I am afraid not."

Wagamama has had plans to take over the old Olsson's Bookstore since it closed in June 2008.  Four plus years - and still a huge vacant cavern on 7th Street.  Nearly every establishment in a block or so's radius of Wagamama has turned over in that time: Hill Country, Merzi, Sei, Luke's Lobster, Protein Bar, Red Velvet, Tangy Sweet, Carmine's, Iron Horse and Pitango.  At this point, we would be thrilled to even hear they had given up on the development - just so that the space could turn over to someone else.

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  1. Any word about the Panera Bread and whatever else is going in on the corner of 7th and H Streets?