Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shake Shack Confirmed for Spy Museum Cafe

Back in July, we reported that Shake Shack was eyeing the Spy Museum Cafe space.

We now have confirmation from Washington Post reporter Jonathan O'Connell that the burger joint will be open in "mid-2013," but in the space previously occupied by Zola in the Spy Museum Cafe Space.  Considering Spy Museum featured bites from Zola, which is now closed, we knew it was only a matter of time.

The restaurant is known for its long lines (so much so that they've set up a webcam at the New York location so you can "check the line to plan your time.")

We also foresee that Shake Shack will be a big hit with BASIS students (the new charter school opening its doors to students on August 27th on 8th between D and E).  Compounded with tourists, it could certainly get crazy.  But welcome to the neighborhood!

UPDATED 8/8 4:30p to reflect that Shake Shack will be in the Spy Museum Cafe and not Zola.

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  1. It really seems like SPY Museum is struggling this year. For a museum to not do any deals, coupons or partnerships for 10 years, you can find them everywhere now. I even saw the Examiner hawkers pushing them ousside of Metro last week.