Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meatballs has closed

Thanks to reader Patrick for the tip, it appears Meatballs has closed. The space is completely empty.

This was a surprise to us - and now we wonder what will take the space. There is vacant space on that block (and in that building) where hot potato cafe was, too.

We hate to lose two restaurants, and hope bigger things are to come.


  1. The restaurant owners snubbed their nose at the neighborhood with their sign blocking views east and west from a condo unit, plus I think it did not appeal to those who had to look at it. Lots thought more of this and the Penn Quarter will go downhill fast.

    This says lots about the benefit of being a good neighbor.

  2. We lived a block away. Food was terrible and service was too. I think that's why it closed - no one who went there saw any reason to go back.

  3. Food was seriously terrible. Looked and tasted like elementary school food. All of the sauces perpetually had that "skin" that congeals on top of sauces. Pasta was cold. Bread stale. Good riddance.