Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Riot Act Closing


After receiving a tip from a reader, we believe that Riot Act has plans to close on July 1st.

The tip stems from an email sent by United Social Sports - an invitation to "Penn Quarter's Newest Bar (Formerly Riot Act) on Saturday, July 9th.  You can see the invitation for yourself here (no, it's not a secret anymore.)

In looking at Riot Act's calendar of events, there is absolutely nothing scheduled after comic Rachel Feinstein's two-night engagement on June 28th and 29th. 

If the space will continue to be a bar as indicated by the United Social Sports email, we wonder what will become of the stage downstairs.  Perhaps it will be razed for more bar space?  The email indicates that by July 9th, shuffleboard, pool, cornhole, and giant jenga will be set up, which is in line with Rocket Bar and Buffalo Billiards, other bars owned by Riot Act's owners.

We have reached out to ownership for comment, and will absolutely be following up on this.  Riot Act has been in the neighborhood less than a year - sad to hear it may be going so soon.


  1. Bummer :(

    I did got to a comedy show at The Hamilton one night and that venue is great. Hopefully Hamilton Live can offer comedians more often in the future to fill some of the void from Riot Act. DC Improv shouldn't be the only show in town for comics who aren't primetime enough for events at Warner/DAR.

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  3. Riot Act is being repurposed/renamed not closed... It will continue to have live events and the stage will remain downstairs. The upstairs space will be changed in a way which will make it a much nicer neighborhood amenity -- think Tryst. Much like the change at Potenza (w/ Jeff Buben taking over) -- this is not really a negative for PQ. As for Fourth and Eye, there are lots of small venues around town that host weekly comedy events (places like Topaz Bar on N Street). If you haven't been to those shows you should check them out...

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  5. concerned citizenJune 25, 2012 at 3:22 PM

    censoring comments? that's a shame. how do you decide which ones to delete? people should know the truth about why riot act is closing. are you trying to hide the truth, blog administrator?

  6. Its TOTALLY TEMERARIOUS everyone is commenting about EVERYTHING EXCEPT the REAL reasons why RIOT ACT is CLOSING. I just LOVE that a VENAL blo admin CENSORS peoples comments! THE VERACIOUS REASON why RIOT ACT is closing: Is because 2 local CHARLATAN SHYSTERS partnered with an ILLUSTRIOUS local comedy LEGEND & DC STAPLE: RIOT ACT ENTERTAINMENT. WHEN the SHYSTERS saw the revenue potential at stake, they got AVARICIOUS and CONSPIRED to pull a GRIMY FAST SWINDLE by BREACHING their CONTRACT! NOW its in the hands of the DC COURT...THIS is their SLAPDASH ATTEMPT at changing the established 'RIOT ACT' & putting a SUBTERFUGE WEASEL SPIN on the place, and reopening to CA$H in after the place has been ESTABLISHED under somebody else's REPUTATION & NAME!

  7. As someone who is more informed than most, I can tell you the reasons the club failed are not consistent with Bayne's statements. The people who started Riot Act years ago -- I know this because I designed almost all of their media from concept/launch -- were forced out after 2/3 majority brought in their own people just after the club opened just last year. Bayne and Geoff Dawson's own mismanagement of the club once the founding members were forced out, should tell you the truth about what really went on. But, it will all come out in good time, through the proper channels. The club was a huge success when it opened, booking the likes of Paul Mooney and Dick Gregory. The same pair who sold out 9:30 Club and Lincoln Theater a few years ago under the promotion of Riot Act Entertainment. Years before these other people ever got involved. Anyone remember the GWU shows with Jeffrey Ross, Judy Gold . . . Bob Saget? Right, the sold out ones. You guessed it. Riot Act Entertainment. I was there. You see, Riot Act Comedy Theater failed because the idea man was forced out. The one with all the connections, the contacts, the experience. They tried to run it with no idea how. And, once the word got out, seems a few comedians wouldn't even answer their calls, not that they knew how to get in touch with most of them. Meanwhile, the people he put in place to stall and choke the booking process were unable to take the reigns from the ousted talent, and now they're stuck with a giant room and no business. Chinatown embraced Riot Act when it opened its doors. They forced out the rightful owner and creator and are now being sued for it. And now their doors are closed. That's the beginning, middle, and end of the story, folks.