Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Penn Quarter to Get a Theatrical Sichuan Restaurant?

An article in the Washington Post implies that an authentic Sichuan restaurant, Ba Guo Bu Yi, is looking to sign a lease and open within the year - and possibly in Penn Quarter.  Originally the restaurant had it's sights on Chinatown, but didn't want to be "stigmatized as a cheap Chinese restaurant."
Ba Guo Bu Yi's Chinese Logo
Indeed - Ba Guo Bu Yi is not your typical Chinese restaurant.
"Each location is large, usually two stories, and serves not only authentic Sichuan cuisine but also authentic Sichuan culture on stage, including the so-called 'face-changing' performances from Sichuan opera," according to the Post.
In thinking about a large, two story space, we wonder if ESPN Zone would be too big at 25,000 square feet.  Or if the old SoHo space at 9th and E has a basement.  Any other ideas, readers?

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