Thursday, February 23, 2012

More speculation on the ESPN Zone

The old ESPN Zone space has been sitting vacant for some time now.  They have auctioned off all of their stuff and there has been more than a little speculation of what might take the massive, underground space (Eataly was mentioned by one of our commenters).

The Washington Post ran an article about it yesterday, with more speculation.

There are still no plans for the space, which is now owned by the building.  They are looking either for one large user or for four 25,000 square foot businesses, if they can find four tenants that want underground space.

One idea they have is to make an underground fashion mall.  However, as the Post points out, Filene's Basement and Borders have gone vacant, both with underground space.

It seems perfect for a Dave & Busters, which is basically an ESPN Zone, but the owners say no -- they want something that "changes the market a bit."

Read the full Washington Post article here.

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