Wednesday, October 27, 2010

President Obama to the Daily Show

Traffic Alert - While F street and 6th Street near the Verizon Center are already closed for the Washington International Horse Show, expect more delays during rush hour today.

USAToday reports that the Daily Show interview with President Obama will be taped at 5:35pm. 

We do not know if President Obama will go to Sidney Harman Hall (where the Daily Show is being taped this week), but rumors are that he is.  that means his motorcade and entourage will cause quite a stir in the area.  When President Obama attended a Georgetown Basketball game at the Verizon center, 6th street was closed.  If the Daily Show instead heads to the White House, they may leave quite a bit earlier.

F street in front of Sidney Harman Hall is currently is occupied by temporary horse stables.  We do not know how that will impact the President's visit.

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