Friday, September 23, 2011

A Call for Playgrounds in Penn Quarter

Several readers have emailed us about a new initiative taking hold in Penn Quarter: a call to bring playgrounds to the neighborhood.

One reader said the following:
Although this is a wonderfully family-friendly neighborhood in so many ways, the children need a place to play. In the past few years, many children have moved - or been born - into the neighborhood. Hundreds, if not thousands, of additional children go to preschool or elementary school here. And, many thousands of children come to this neighborhood each year as part of their family vacations. Yet, there are no public playgrounds, even at the local schools.
Though the group recognizes that space is difficult to come by in our neighborhood, they are making strides daily. A group of concerned parents met yesterday with Ward 6 Councilman Tommy Wells, Chairman of the Committee on Libraries, Parks, Recreation and Planning to discuss their initiatives.

Want to get involved? Join the group in a "parade" down 7th Street on Saturday. (Meeting point is Calvary Baptist Church at 755 8th St NW... pick up t-shirts there at 10:30am). The group will be walking to the Children's Pavilion and Storytelling Stage at the National Book Festival. (See our earlier post on the Festival). While you're there with the kids, be sure to catch Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play (10a-4p).

Not around this weekend? Sign their petition to help the cause.

Get more information at the Downtown DC Kids website.


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