Thursday, September 1, 2011

Washington not so manly afterall

Combos, the pretzel snack, assembles a "board of manliness" to rank America's cities on how manly they are.  The board includes actor Lou Ferrigno, baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers, comedian and actress Judy Gold, world beard champion Jack Passion, former professional wrestler Sgt. Slaughter, and professional lumberjack Mike Sullivan.

The board assesses the manliness of a city by measuring the concentration of home-improvement stores, manly occupations, steak houses, and motorcycles.  Rankings can also go down by cupcake stores, fancy furniture stores, and the like.

The proliferation of cupcake shops might have hurt the District, which dropped 23 spots in the lastest list, reports the Washington Business Journal.  Washington is now the 45th manliest city.

Nashville is number one.  Washington ranked just ahead of Chicago and behind Oakland.

Baltimore also dropped significantly--23 spots--but they are still ranked above us at number 28.

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