Wednesday, February 23, 2011

D.C. Council quarrels over Verizon Center tickets

In 2007, the District agreed to give the Verizon Center $50 million for renovations here in Penn Quarter.  In exchange, or perhaps just as a gesture of goodwill, Abe Pollin gave the city a luxury suite for their use.

Then Mayor Fenty got into a feud with the City Council (and then-chairman Vince Gray) over who could use the box.  Ever-the-mediator, Abe Pollin simply gave the city another luxury suite, this one under the control of the Council Chairman.

That hasn't stopped the feuding, just changed its scope.  Kwame Brown, the current council-chairman embroiled in scandal over a couple luxury SUVs he leased for himself at city expense, is in charge of doling out the tickets, and other council members are not pleased with how he is doing it.

The city has access to 36 tickets now, yet can't distribute them fairly. 

Council Member Jim Graham has suggested just giving two tickets to each member of the council for every event.  Makes sense.  It has also been suggested that their Nationals Tickets be auctioned off to help budget shortfalls in the District.

Penn Quarter Insider says take away the tickets altogether.  If you're going to play like children, you can be treated like children.

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