Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ELISIR to open in June

Enzo Fargione
Chef Enzo Fargione, who was previously the chef at Teatro Goldoni, is opening a new restaurant on 11th street called ELISIR.  The restaurant is on 11th Street at Pennsylvania, but in the same building as Central and Ten Penh.

Elle Magazine calls his new restaurant "power-lunch-appropriate Italian bistro," and Yeas & Nays now reports it will open in June (it was previously supposed to open in March).

The menu will be tasting menu style, which Fargione says is a booming style that he wants to capitalize on.  The kitchen will be semi-open, but the restaurant will also feature an observation deck equipped with high definition televisions that live-stream the meal preparation.

The price will depend on how many items you want to order, but will be about $80 for six to eight courses, $100 for 10 to 12 courses, and $145 for 14 or 15 courses.

Lunch will be slightly different to accommodate for its faster-pace.  There will be about 15 options on that menu for $15, including a glass of wine.

The restaurant will be over 4,000 square feet big, seating 90 patrons in the dining room, 20 in the bar, and another 20 in a private room, according to the Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District.

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