Friday, February 18, 2011

Ollie's Trolley surprises with its hamburger

TBD's Michael Birchenall recently did a city-wide taste-taste of hamburgers after 40,000 votes were cast by readers of their favorites.

He ultimately picked Five Guys; but, Penn Quarter Insider has disqualified all national chains.  Thus the REAL winner is the close runner-up: Penn Quarter's Ollie's Trolley.

Ollie's surprised him the most, he said.  He wasn't expecting a great burger, but that's what he got.  “This has a gourmet kind of look to it. The tower effect,” Birchenall said.

An Ollie Burger, proudly listed on the menu as "our specialty," costs $4.79.

An Ollie Burger with Ollie Fries


  1. Occasionally I'm in the mood for Five Guys. But in the end it is basically well done meat you have to sop with ketchup for flavor. I'm surprised a food critic wouldn't pick a local establishment like BGR or Hellburger that is more gourmet and allows you to specify to what degree you'd like your burger cooked.

    At the moment my favorite burger is probably Ray's Hellburger but my favorite burger restaurant is BGR. What's the distinction? BGR has a burger of the month that introduces radically different topping keeping the experience fresh. They also have FAR better fries than Ray's.

  2. Fries are an essential ingredient when picking the perfect hamburger

  3. Agreed, PQ Insider, agreed.....