Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7th Street closed for police activity

DCist is reporting that 7th Street is closed between D and E Streets (between the Clara Barton and Lansburgh buildings).

It is reportedly closed off for "police activity," though police in the area are not saying why.  Neither pedestrians or vehicle traffic is being allowed down the street.

DCist has a picture of the police tape here.

UPDATE: It's a suspicious package that is causing the street closure (surprise!). 

If anyone who lives or works on that block knows any more, please email us.

UPDATE 2: TBD is reporting (by twitter)--and Jose Andres has confirmed-- that the suspicious package is near Oyamel.  There is apparently a very large police presence, including th FBI Terrorist Unit.  Andres has taken a video from Oyamel, which you can see here.

We are not sure what the motive would be for a bomb at this location, so it's probably not one.  However, many high profile people do live in those residential buildings, though they are probably not home now.

Probably unrelated: Last night, a man was found near the Pentagon with a gun and a suspicious package.  He was taken into custody, and the package was found not to be explosive.

UPDATE 3: The road is back open, and the package as been cleared as unexplosive.  Another video from Jose Andres: http://yfrog.com/0b49vz

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