Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sculpture Garden steps up security for alcohol enforcement

Friday evenings' Jazz in the Garden at the Sculpture Garden has grown immensely popular.  There has always been a rule that you can't bring in alcohol, but come on -it's outside!  For years, that rule has gone unenforced and people have quietly brought in small bottles of wine to enjoy while they soak in the summer weather with some cool jazz.

Now, however, TBD reports that the Sculpture Garden is stepping up enforcement on the outside alcohol ban, confirming rumors we have heard recently.

They are now searching bags as you enter the garden, ensuring you have no alcohol.   What is this, the airport?

Not only that, but the Sculpture Garden doesn't have the capacity to handle the event without outside alcohol.  Lines have reportedly been overly long in the summer heat to shell out your hard-earned dollars and buy alcohol there.

Furthermore, past experience has shown us that their wine--and especially their sangria--is not only overpriced, but it tastes terrible.  Nooo thank you.

Last Friday, many of us here at Penn Quarter Insider left Penn Quarter for Yard Park, where each Friday there is a concert with a live band on the water.  It was awesome, and we brought our own alcohol.  The band schedule is available here.

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