Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New details on Daikaya

With all the talk about Graffiato, there has been little about Daikaya, the ramen noodle place coming right next door to Graffiato (at 705 Sixth Street N.W.).  It is set to open in February 2012.

Washingtonian Magazine has new details.  Apparently, the restaurant will be a ramen shop on the ground level with three styles of ramen: miso, soy-sauce, and shio (salt).  These aren't the noodles you made in your dorm room - the broth takes eight hours to make and the best noodles are aged up to 10 days.

The downstairs will not be very social (it's for people who are really serious about ramen), but upstairs will be the social space.  Upstairs will be a bar and restaurant.  The upstairs menu is still in development, but expect grilled skewers, sashimi, and maybe a few sushi rolls "for the American palate," according to Washingtonian.

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