Friday, December 2, 2011

Minibar for New Year's Eve

No New Year's Eve plans yet?  Still haven't gotten that coveted reservation at minibar?  If you and five friends are each willing to pony up $350 (or more), we might be able to help.

Head on over to eBay, where Jose Andres is auctioning off all six seats at the table on December 31st.  You and five pals will ring in the New Year in style starting at 8:30p - if you can front the cash.  Bidding starts at $2012.00, and one lucky soul (who obviously got their Christmas bonus a bit early this year) has already opened the bidding.

Six seats at minibar usually run $900 total (not including alcohol, tax or tip), but the listing promises "special touches unique to New Year's Eve."  While we appreciate that Andres is donating any amount above the $2012 listing to DC Central Kitchen, by our math, that means Andres owes you and your guests $1100 of these special New Year's treats.  Here's the kicker - we know it's not alcohol, since Andres explicitly notes  that "an extensive wine and cocktail list is available as an additional purchase."

The auction ends December 9th at 10:58a.

UPDATE: The reservation for six went for $2,037.00.

Presented without comment: Minibar gets $337.50 a head ($2012.00 total) to serve New Years dinner (with no drinks, so unless it's a teetotaling New Years celebration, likely much more); DC Central Kitchen, which is listed as benefiting from the evening gets $25.

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