Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eataly Closes in on a Space!

Washington's relationship with Eataly has been a roller coaster ride.  Back in July, we reported that Eataly was coming to town.  September brought us the news that it wasn't - that proprietor Mario Batali simply couldn't find the right space.  Well, we're back with more news now: Eataly still wants to come to DC and has narrowed the search to three or four locations.

We don't have info on where these locations are - just that they are in the District proper - but we do know that Batali has upped his request to sixty thousand square feet.  New York's gargantuan establishment is only 42,500 square feet (plus the 4,500 square foot beer garden).  DC's Eataly could well eclipse New York's in size and potentially popularity, given the response we've already seen to the idea.

Jonathan O'Connell at Washington Post's Capitol Business has the full story here, which reports that we can expect Batali to choose between the locations in the next sixty days.  We'll be keeping an eye out around here for Batali and crew.

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