Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gym Specials for the New Year

Want to get a headstart on those New Year's resolutions?  If you don't have a gym in your building (or even if you do), you might be interested in some of the specials the local gyms are running to help you tone up or slim down in 2012.
  • Vida Fitness has outposts at the Verizon Center, the Renaissance, and soon City Vista (opening in mid-January; we'll keep you posted).  If you join in January, you get a 40% discount.

  • Bar Method is offering a 12% discount for 2012 to both new and existing customers.   If you're still not sure that Bar Method is for you, they are offering a free class at 6AM tomorrow (Thursday) so you can check it out for yourself.  (You can also take a quick glance at PQ Insider's review here.  For what it's worth, we are still loving it!) 

  • Washington Sports Club at Gallery Place is having an open house today so you can check out the facilities.  They also offer a 30 days for $30 promotion which you can take advantage of at any time.  
It's never too early to get started - now get a move on!

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