Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eataly coming to D.C.

If you have been to Manhattan lately, you have probably been to Eataly, the 40,000 square foot Italian food and drink emporium that consists--in one large space--of a bakery, a grocery store, and six restaurants. The establishment also has live entertainment on weekend nights. It is always packed with people shoulder-to-shoulder.

Well, get ready: Eataly is coming to D.C. The emporium has two new locations planned, one here and one in Los Angeles. The new locations are expected to be at least as big as the first, according to the Huffington Post.

The main barrier to opening, not surprisingly, has been finding a proper space. We imagine this type of store needs some density, so Penn Quarter seems like the prime space for it. Maybe Georgetown, but there just isn't the space for an establishment like Eataly there. Friendship Heights is a possibility, but doesn't have the density of people. So the question is, where is there 40,000 square feet of space in Penn Quarter?

As a sidenote to those who are really craving Eataly, Bryan Voltaggio is already opening a restaurant based on Eataly in Frederick.

UPDATE: See our September 15th story, reporting that Eataly may have lost interest in DC.


  1. 40K sf?! that's the size of a grocery store.

  2. Espn zone space is 42k sq ft

  3. Only place in Penn I can think is the large vacant building on 7th and H street right across from the metro. In fact, I noticed some construction going on there lately, so perhaps this is it. It has the density, foot traffic, mix of locals and tourists, and the potential for roof top bar, which apparently is a must have for eatly

  4. Funny you should bring that up - just minutes after your comment we got news that the 7th and H building is getting tenants finally: