Friday, July 8, 2011

Caucus Room rebrands bar and expands menu

For those who have lived in the neighborhood awhile, you have come to know the secret of the Caucus Room bar well.  Great food, great service in a casual atmosphere for a fraction of the price of eating in the dining room.

Now, you may have noticed the window of the bar says "Social Reform Kitchen and Bar."  That's the new, rebranded bar at the Caucus Room and it comes with a much larger menu, too.

You can see the menu here.  It includes burgers, small plates, salads, a selection of sandwiches and entrees, as well as a variety of steak options--with their signature sauces.

Burgers run $12 to $16, sandwiches $15 to $20 and steak frites from $18 for skirt steak to $28 for New York strip.

There is also a large wine and beer list, with speciality hand crafted cocktails and martinis.


  1. My favorite burger has got to be "The Balanced Budget." Description: "SORRY, WE COULDN’T AGREE ON CONTENTS. PLEASE BUILD YOUR OWN."

  2. Unfortunately now that they've fired Mo, one of the best bartenders in the city, I don't see much need to continue going to the Caucus Room....he really helped bring a crowd to what had been an empty bar.

  3. We didn't realize he had been fired. Any word on where he went?

  4. Nope...just know that there was some staff changes and the bartenders we knew were all gone.