Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini-bar imposter coming to 9th and N

Chef RJ Cooper, formerly of Vidalia, is opening a new restaurant at 922 N Street N.W. called Rogue24.  The restaurant is based on the mini-bar concept.

You have to call one month to the day in advance to get a reservation, though the restaurant is 52 seats (not 6 like Minibar).  You must put down a credit card and can only cancel up to 72 hours in advance.  The directions state that you must disclose any food allergies at the time you make the reservation.

Then you get a 16-course "progression menu" or a 24-course "journey menu," for $100 or $120 respectively ($145 or $175 with beverage pairing, respectively).

The kitchen is on display as a stage.

The mixologist, Derek Brown, came from the Columbia Room, and the reservationist, Bonji Beard was previously the lead reservationist for Minibar.

The restaurant opens on July 27th.  Reservations for opening day will be accepted on July 14th.

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