Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ESPN Zone Auction

It's been about a year since the ESPN Zone closed, and the owners are only just now getting around to clearing the space.  To do so, they are auctioning off their wares - around 450 items all told.

"It's the rubber drain mat to the garden hose out back to the most expensive piece of video games," Christopher Rasmus, CEO of Rasmus Online Auctions said in an interview with WTOP this morning.  Though none of the sports memorabilia that was on display there is up for grabs, you can get things like a Redskins football-throwing game and a slap shot hockey challenge.

You can stop by the old space at 555 12th St. on November 15th to scope out the goods - or you can get online bidding now at the Rasmus Online Auctions website.

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