Monday, November 28, 2011

Local Strip Club Closed for Renovations

You may not have even known it exists - but Louis' Rogue Club, just across the street from CityVista and Safeway at 5th and K, has closed for renovations according to the MV Triangle Blog.

As the picture indicates, a lot of work is needed for the building to keep pace with the neighborhood.  It's estimated that the club will reopen in March.  Additionally, the owners are seeking a new tenant for the ground level - potentially a restaurant.

MV Triangle points out that the renewed investment indicates that the plans to sell the property to the luxury hotel, cafe and art gallery venture have likely fallen through.  You can check out the plans for The Arts at 5th and I, which will spring up just across the way from the Meridian, and next to Louis' Rogue.


  1. I will be so happy to see this horrible establishment gone from our neighborhood. The irony of the strip club being across from the battered women's shelter does not escape anyone. I hope they do away with the building and replace it with something new, shiny and useful for all the residents in the area.

  2. What is the irony? Are most strippers battered women, vice versa or both? BTW, they are replacing it with a newer, shinier strip club.