Friday, November 18, 2011

FBI to Relocate to the 'Burbs?

WTOP is reporting this morning that the FBI (currently housed in the deteroriating square block behemoth at 9th between Pennsylvania and E) is considering relocating its headquarters to Loudoun or Prince George's County instead of funneling the estimated 80.5 million dollars back into the J. Edgar Hoover building for repairs.  The new silver metro line out to Loudoun County, due to be completed in a few years, makes it a particularly attractive option, WTOP reported.

The Government Accountability Office completed a report a few days ago that the Hoover building does not meet security requirements, and an earlier 2008 report called the building's design "inefficient and functionally obsolete."  We might add "ugly" to that list.

The building houses 17,300 employees and 2.4 million square feet of space.  Think that's big enough for Eataly?

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