Monday, November 14, 2011

Global Trade Center Proposal

Image courtesy U.S.-China Capital Cities Friendship Council
The designer of the Chinatown Arch, Alfred Liu, has even bigger plans for the area he knows so well (Liu also designed the Wah Luck House at 6th and H).  Liu's proposed a ten-story global trade center for the stretch above 395 between K and NY Avenue.

We've reported on the proposal to fill the airspace of 395 a bit further south, but this 1.7 million square foot structure would be built above this stretch of 395, close to CityVista:

The building is incredibly interesting and would add a lot to an otherwise pretty desolate area.  Still, we note that the airspace project further south was approved in 1990 and it's still listed as "in development."  This 1998 story from the Washington City Paper reveals that Liu has been calling the trade center his "dream project" for almost 15 years - so perhaps he'll be able to pull it off in a more timely fashion...

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