Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meatballs in Review

Meatballs got off to a rocky start but since its opening last week we've seen a pretty consistent crowd inside, and we've been dying to give it a try. We here at PQ Insider finally got the chance on Sunday night, and we headed over at the stroke of 8:30 PM. Much to our dismay, the staff was already cleaning up - closed for the night - which didn't match up with the fact that their posted hours are 11A-9P.

So, we chalked that one up to growing pains and made a point to go back last night.

Around 7PM last night the tables were mostly full but we had the counter to ourselves.

The staff was patient while we chose our meal (the classic grinder on garlic bread with marinara, mozzarella, hot peppers and fritos (why not! toppings are free)).  You can see the menu here.

Preparation doesn't take long, but while we waited we eyed some of the merchandise they're selling: hats and t-shirts with "got balls?" "goof ball" and "odd ball" written all over them.  Decor stays along the "balls" theme: books and games about meatballs, containers filled with golf balls, gum balls, wiffle balls etc.

We opted to take our meal to go and got home to this:

Lesson learned: the grinders don't travel very well (keeping in mind it couldn't have been more than 3 minutes from door to door).  Might we suggest that Meatballs take a cue from their neighbors Luke's Lobster - which delicately packages their lobster rolls and are perfect to go?

Eating it was another challenge.  The grinder is incredibly large and nearly impossible to eat.  Even cutting it in half, we were glad we were in the privacy of our own home (and had changed out of work clothes).

The grinder itself was very good, but not great. The bread tasted stale and was somehow simultaneously too chewy and too crispy to really enjoy the insides.  The fritos were also stale - almost rubbery.  That said, the meatballs were incredibly moist and tasty and really made up for a myriad of sins.  We tried the classic meatballs, and maybe next time we'll try the chicken or crab - but maybe as "minis" or over pasta.  Yes - we'll be back - but we hope some of the growing pains will have subsided by then.

UPDATE:  As an aside, we thought it was worth mentioning that Meatballs shows up on your credit card statement as "We've Got Balls."  In case your wife asks.


  1. Loved the place - will be going back many more times. The Polenta is the best option - tasty, great texture, doesn't compete with the meatballs, goes well with the sauce and toppings, and comes with a side - healthy, filling and tasty.

  2. I really liked the lamb meatballs, but was disappointed by the bread they used for the minis.