Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Room Service

We're already big fans of Seamless Web, which is an online food delivery and takeout service.  Today, LivingSocial entered as a competitor with a similar service called Instant Ordering.  According to All Things D, the service launches today with seventy different merchants.

More importantly, LivingSocial has kicked up the delivery idea a notch with another new program, "Room Service."  You'll get a high-end meal, real dishes, cloth napkins, and even candles - delivered directly to your door.  LivingSocial honchos the delivery (we're sure you'll be seeing the vans around town soon), and they'll drop off your food at the time you've reserved.  You'll enjoy your food set to candlelight, and leave the plates outside, just like real room service, and LivingSocial will pick up the accouterments the next day.  We're not entirely sure how it works for condos - maybe you'll be charged with leaving everything at your front desk.

Room Service will start Thursday of this week with two set menus from Kushi.  Each will run you $66, which the restaurant says is about comparable to a meal for two people including tip. Menu one is for meat lovers - shrimp and pork skewers, and a plate of sushi.  The second is vegetarian with mushrooms, soba noodles, and sushi.  LivingSocial plans to roll out more vendors and menus later this month.  No word on the delivery zone yet, but our proximity to Kushi (and LivingSocial's multiple headquarters) should act in our favor.

UPDATE:  The promo code "INSTANT" will get you $5 off your Instant Order.

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