Monday, March 5, 2012

City Center Development

If you can believe it, even more cranes were being built over the weekend at City Center.  We're told that we should begin to see some vertical construction in the next week or so, which is great news.
City Center rendering at 9th and H

Meanwhile, the U.S. Mint headquarters just across the street on Ninth Street sold for 147.5 million last week to NSP Ventures Corp, a real estate investment firm based in the Netherlands.

The 236,054 square foot building fetched $624 per square foot - a sign of development in that neck of the woods due to the expected 1.9 million square feet of high-end City Center retail, condos, etc.  If you're as intrigued by the 222 City Center condos as we are, we've heard the marketing will begin in September for potential move-in in late 2013.


  1. Wait, the Mint sold its building? Is it moving? Seems strange. (Or are they just leasing the space?)

  2. The building will continue to be fully leased by the U.S. Mint.

  3. Interesting! Thanks for the clarification. Seems like they just built this, although it was about 15 years ago, to my recollection!

  4. Who will be the Marketing company? Can't find info on the City Center site:

  5. Just wondering if 10th St (to be re-opened through City Center) will remain one-way south, since 9th St is one-way south bound. Had heard of a notion to divert north bound traffic off of 7th St over to 6th St. Anyone know how traffic patterns may change once City Center opens?