Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day!

If you remember your days in middle and high school, you remember today is Pi Day - March 14th - or 3.14... Appropriately, the District of Pi is celebrating:
  • Buy one pizza, get the second one for $3.14;
  • $3.14 Pi Common drafts all day;
  • A Pi memorization contest at 6pm - prizes awarded for reciting 50 or more digits; $100 Pi gift card for the winner; and
  • 50 free pizzas, claimed through Pi's Twitter account (and with award service Sqwid.)
Go ahead, embrace your inner nerd (it's OK - the First Family did it on Monday).


  1. Actually, the First Family was not at District of Pi on Monday unless the President sneaked in a rear door. The First Lady, her children, and several women friends ate there Monday.

    There was no Pi Day when I was in junior high or high school but we did celebrate both Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays.

  2. Lots of families don't have dads.