Friday, March 9, 2012

News from Wagamama!

About a week ago, we mentioned that we had been emailing Wagamama representatives to no avail.  Well, fine residents of Penn Quarter, we finally heard back.  

According to Ingrid Williamson, Wagamama's Director of Marketing, Wagamama is "waiting to get confirmation from [its] landlords and property development on an exact date to when [they] will be opening."  She promised that as soon as they have it, they'll let us know, and she is hoping for a press release "in the next couple weeks."

We're heartened by the idea of a press release, but we have to believe this is just the latest in a series of stall tactics from a restaurant that's been tied to the space since Olsson's Bookstore closed in 2008.  

1 comment:

  1. I think this is about as non-commital as I would expect in response to someone who has been bugging them, as you wrote you were. Obviously, they have been renting the space for years now so for what would they need "confirmation from their landlord"? It might be interesting to follow up on that. Do they need approval of their build out? What was the delay in submitting that to the landlord if they do? Have they submitted plans to DCRA for review to obtain construction permits? When do they anticipate receiving building permits? Do they have the funding to begin construction once the permits are in place? Are they requesting permission from the landlord to install something that is not permitted under the lease or is there just a lease provision for the landlord to approve plans before construction commences?

    I think blaming the landlord for the delay is a red herring if there ever was one. They have claimed to be ready in the past, so don't get your hopes up that they will be opening in a few months.

    Just think, if someone were pestering you as you wrote you were pestering them, would you be inclined to write a non-commital response to get that person off your back? I am just surprised that you are not following up and questioning their response.