Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Suspicious Packages

White PowderThe last few days have brought a lot of police activity to Penn Quarter.  On Tuesday, a suspicious package was reported on F Street between 9th and 10th.  Just yesterday, police were summoned to Pennsylvania Avenue for the same.

A report from NBC4 reveals that both incidents were due to findings of suspicious powder.  Tuesday's was a letter with an unknown substance that had been delivered to Amorini Panini.  It was taken to the lab for further analysis, while HazMat ensured the block was safe and that no one was sick or injured by the powder.  Other white powder letters have been discovered in Texas, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts - tests have revealed nothing harmful, however.

Yesterday, the FBI responded to suspicious powder at Aria Pizzeria & Bar.  Tests revealed that the powder was not hazardous, and no one was hospitalized, but we have to imagine that Aria is still on edge after it was revealed that it was the potential target of a terror attack about a month ago.

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