Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gallery Place Safety

Gallery Place has earned two dubious distinctions in the past few days:

For the second year in a row, the metro station earns a place on the top ten list of "most dangerous metro stations," as compiled by The Washington Examiner, and based on the frequency of "part 1" crimes: assault, arson, burglary, homicide, larceny, auto theft, attempted auto theft, rape, and robbery.

It bears noting that Gallery Place has fallen from the number one spot last year to the number 9 spot this year.  Nearby L'Enfant Plaza has held steady at number 3.

If you think commuting by foot at Gallery Place is any safer, think again:  when DDOT compiled a list of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrian crashes over the past 3 years, the intersection at 7th and H made the list.

Of note, the ability to "Barnes Dance" the intersection wasn't available all 3 years of the study, and there's no information on whether or not that's changed the safety of 7th and H.


  1. I would hope the Barnes Dance has helped, but cars continue to make turns at that intersection regardless of the dozens of posted signs saying not to. I see enforcement from time to time, but as a whole, cars really don't seem to care..

  2. Aren't you being unfair calling Gallery Place one of the most "dangerous." Your conclusion is completely faulty as the article merely lists the number of police incidents. Without knowing how many people pass through the station, it's meaningless to determine which is the most dangerous. I am assuming, given that multiple lines come together here + all the sporting events, gallery place is one of the station's busiest.

  3. It is "most dangerous" simply by number of incidents.

    However, both Union Station and Metro Center have more passengers, yet fewer incidents of crime: