Thursday, April 12, 2012

The beach comes to you

The summertime in D.C. is fun and the outside areas at all our of neighborhood restaurants tend to fill up quickly.  If only we all had enough time to get to the beach every weekend.

Now, just when we thought our neighborhood had just about everything, the beach is coming to us.

Warehouse Theatre will soon
have a new neighbor
Tom Brown the owner of Passenger is opening an outdoor bar next to the Warehouse Theatre at 7th and New York Avenue.  He is bringing in 80 tons of sand to fill the space in an effort to bring the beach to you.

You can bury your feet in the sand, listen to the beach music, and have a rum punch or some other fruity cocktail that is more acceptable at the beach than at most Penn Quarter bars.

Brown will bring in trailer bathrooms along with plenty of beach chairs, umbrellas, and picnic tables.  Food will be served from food trucks surrounding the 5,500 square-foot "bar."

New York Avenue Beach Bar is expected to open by Memorial Day.  See you there!

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