Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Karaoke League

Washington, the social town that it is, is home to all sorts of leagues: kickball, bocce, and now even karaoke.

District Karaoke has opened the registration for it's second season, which begins on April 30th.  Due to the first season's popularity, they'll run three divisions, one on Monday, one on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday.  The Monday division will be right here in Penn Quarter at Riot Act; Tuesday and Wednesday will be at Policy Restaurant & Lounge.  Entrance (including t-shirt) is $45.

For a ten week season, your team could compete for the title of karaoke champion.  To win, your team will compete in three rounds: the first two are solo performances and the third is a group rendition.

Even if you don't think you're ready for the spotlight, you could simply go as an audience member: everyone at Riot Act will be charged with rating performance on how well teams "Sing It," (musicality), "Bring It," (stage presence and performance), and "Schwing It," (overall appeal).

The first season sold out in six days - and the buzz is that this season will go even faster.  Only thirty people will be allowed to register for the Monday Riot Act league.  Get to it!

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