Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Supporting the Caps

This is it: a "best of one" series tonight for the Caps.  After tonight's game, only the Caps or the Bruins will be moving on.

To support the home team, Caps fan-blog Brooks Laichyear has suggested boycotting Boston-based products today.  Here's the problem: in our neighborhood, we're practically a mini-Beantown.  Brooks Laichyear wants Caps fans to avoid Dunkin Donuts and Staples.  DCist has pointed out that Au Bon Pain and Legal Seafoods are all Boston-immigrants.  All here in Penn Quarter.

While we certainly don't support a boycott of any Penn Quarter establishments, if you're a Caps fan, try showing your support for some independent establishments before puck drop at 7:30p.  Sure, forego the Sam Adams tonight, and instead try DC Brau's Penn Quarter Porter.  

Go Caps!

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