Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Downtown Neighborhood Association Meeting Tonight

Downtown Neighborhood AssociationThe Downtown Neighborhood Association has a pretty hefty schedule this evening for their monthly meeting.

From President Nanette Paris:
"Our next meeting is a must-attend for downtown residents.  On the agenda is Randy Boe from Monumental Sports & Entertainment, who will talk about the revised legislation proposed for the Verizon Center signage.  This revised legislation is due to community feedback earlier this year.
"...[R]ead the revised proposed legislation and see a visual presentation.
"Please come to this important meeting to voice your opinion on the revisions.  It is critical to have representative community involvement in legislation that will permanently shape the character and feel of our downtown hub.
"Also at the meeting will be a representative from the DC Office of Planning, and our PSA 102 representatives from the MPD to discuss crime and other issues in our neighborhood.  Learn what has been going on.  Being aware of neighborhood goings-on is a key to safety." 
The meeting is tonight at 6:30p at the Calvary Baptist Church.


  1. What is the DNA's website? It would help to post a link so that I can see what else they're doing in the neighborhood.

  2. Good point - here it is - http://dcdna.org/Home.html. We've added it to the article, also.