Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Georgetown Campus in the Neighborhood?

Just over a year ago, the Louis Dreyfus Property Group (now Property Group Partners) released their proposal for filling the airspace above 395 between E and H Street.  Then, the proposal included courtyards, buildings, and continued access to 395. The project has since been named "Capitol Crossing," and estimates put the total cost at around $200 million.
Today, the Washington Post reports that Georgetown University is interested in building out Capitol Crossing, perhaps with their medical school or public policy school.  This would create, essentially, one congruous campus with Georgetown University Law Center: "Georgetown East."

Property Group Partners emphasized that no deal has been struck yet - and that the earliest occupancy date was probably early 2016.

The project will move ahead, with or without Georgetown, and it will provide us with more retails bays in the area.  Interestingly enough, page 45 of the brochure in fact renders Eataly in that space.  Do we smell a bidding war with City Center DC?

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