Thursday, May 10, 2012

iPhone Thieves

Gallery Place earned itself the dubious distinction of being the number nine most dangerous metro station this year - and not without reason.  Yesterday morning, a woman was emailing on her iPhone at the station when a thief grabbed it straight out of her hands.

This is not an unusual occurrence, necessarily, and it absolutely bears noting that you should be careful while in the station.  But the reason we're reporting on this particular instance is because of the happy ending.

The woman chased the thief down the two flights, where the two circled the escalator bank for "two or three minutes," according to the testimony she gave NBC4.  Her cries for help were heard by a metro worker, who tackled the thief to the ground and got the phone back.  This is the second time this month that good samaritans have come to the aid of larceny victims.

While we love the happy ending of this story, Metro says riders should call police rather than take matters into their own hands.

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