Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting Around This Weekend

It's a big weekend.  The Phillies are in town (games 7:05p tonight, 1:05p tomorrow, and 8:05p on Sunday).  The Rangers are in town (game 12:30p tomorrow).  The Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo.  Taste of Mount Vernon Triangle.  The Race for Hope (which will close down the usual 5K route on and around Pennsylvania on Sunday morning from 5a to 11a).  Did we mention there was major metro track work?

Washington Post's Dr. Gridlock has an extensive article on navigating all of this weekend.  No matter where or how you're going, you're bound to be affected by sports fans, drunk people, or track work.  We grumbled too - but just remember you're the lucky one: you can walk to all of that.  Happy Penn Quartering!

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  1. Also, Trucko de Mayo at RFK. Not in our hood, but still going down.