Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's Next at Zola Wine & Kitchen

So: what's next for Zola Wine & Kitchen?  As of last night, they had sold all of their wine and had closed the shop for good.  Though the 50% off sale was due to come to an end tomorrow, the demand for cheap wine in Penn Quarter was simply too much!  (We spotted lots of happy customers leaving with full cases of wine, so it wasn't much of a surprise.)

Zola Wine and Kitchen has said that they were bought out on Tuesday morning by a restaurateur, and Prince of Petworth has some intel that the buyer already has space in the area.

We can't immediately put in a good guess.  Surely Jose Andres has tapped out the market here - unless he's trying to time a new opening with the close of America Eats on July 4th, hence the haste of the sale?  (America Eats will become an 18-seat Minibar and the corporate offices for Andres' Think Food Group.)

Mike Isabella?  Reservations have certainly been hard to come by at Graffiato, but we have to think that with Bandolero opening in Georgetown on May 24th, it's not him.  Bharet Malhotra from CoCo Sala?  We know it's not the folks from Wagamama by the speed at which this deal was transacted, that's for sure.  We'll keep an eye on it.

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