Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Offerings at City Center

The Washington Post has a great write-up today on more movement at City Center (CCDC).  In addition, CCDC's website has been updated some to give us some more insight into what will likely be a hub of our city.

We've talked about the Eataly speculation for City Center before, but today the article references a number of  vendors and "gourmet charcuterie merchants" expected.  Indeed, the same firm that built out food markets in Grand Central Station in New York and Faneuil Hall in Boston has recommended a similar structure here for CCDC.

Commercial Tenants
CCDC has already begun announcing commercial tenants - law firm Covington & Burling (currently located at 12th and Pennsylvania) signed a letter of intent a few days ago - and retail leases should be announced in about a month.  A VP of the development has indicated that they're targeting international clothing stores like Uniqlo and Top Shop, as well as established domestic retailers with boutique brands (like Ralph Lauren's Rugby or J. Crew's Madewell - interestingly enough, J. Crew is popping up on F Street in August and Ralph Lauren has been rumored for that same block).

Apartments and Condos
As expected, CCDC bifurcates housing into 458 apartments and 216 condos.  By this fall, a sales center will be available for more information - move-in is projected as fall 2013.  So far, parking information indicates public parking only.  Though we know apartments and condos come with parking spots, we wonder if there will be a resident-only lot or entrance.  As CCDC gets more built up, that's certain to be a huge selling point.

Check out the video:

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