Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bolt Bus, Megabus, Washington Deluxe, and Greyhound all coming to Union Station

Since the old convention center lot has become large hole, it has left bus companies such as Megabus and Bolt Bus scattered around the city, and passengers confused about where to go.

Now, the Washington Business Journal reports, Union Station will become a transportation hub, hosting four bus companies: Greyhound, Bolt Bus, Megabus, and Washington Deluxe.  Those four companies represent 70% of intercity bus travel from and to D.C.

This means the bus companies can take advantage of covered loading/unloading areas, and passengers can get to Metro and regional trains easily.  Union Station is currently home to Metro, MARC, VRE, and Amtrak.

Passengers will also be able to take advantage of Union Station's shopping and dining.


  1. Any idea when this will go into effect?

  2. All we know is that it will begin next month. We don't have an exact date yet.

  3. YAAAY!! I NEVER did like getting off my bus and trekking thru that hell hole area between USTA and the Smarmy Greyhound bus depot after dark.

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