Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hole over I-395 to be filled?

As you walk east from our neighborhood, you soon have a choice to make: take E street or take H street?  That's because there is a gaping hole where I-395 runs below street level and bridges take you over the interstate and on your way.

As our neighborhood grows more popular and more urban, there has been a plan to fill the airspace and add continuity to the neighborhood, as The Triangle Blog reported months ago.

Now the Louis Dreyfus Property Group has come up with a pretty solid plan for filling that area.  Their latest renderings include courtyards, buildings, and access to I-395.  This would not only fill in a gaping hole in the neighborhood and bring in more tax revenue for the city, but it would reduce the noise and pollution from 395, not to mention the eye-sore.

Here is what the buildings will look like in the latest rendering:

This development, plus CityCenter at the old convention center parking lot, could really transform our neighborhood. 

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  1. love it - - more urban and pedestrian friendly