Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Luke's Lobster in Review

After a sweltering hot Memorial Day weekend, Penn Quarter Insider wrapped up the holiday with a new neighborhood treat: Luke's Lobster. Despite the block long lines last week, we were able to order right away from their pretty simple menu: crab, shrimp and lobster rolls, some bisques and chowders, crab claws, chips, sodas, and combinations thereof. 

The decor inside is relaxed and nautically themed - very appropriate since the proprietors are brothers from Maine.  It's comfortable and welcoming, and a great option if you're looking to take out (though there is counter space there to eat-in).

The lobster roll we ordered (how could we not) was up in a few short minutes, and we took it to go. The roll was snuggly wrapped and survived the short commute home perfectly. At first glance, we were a bit disappointed in the size of it - particularly since the sandwich alone is $15 (add chips and a drink for an extra $2).  However, after the first bite, we knew our $15 was extremely well spent.

The roll was chock full of perfectly spiced lobster and nothing else - no fillers.   While you can request no butter or mayo on your roll, we wouldn't change a single thing about it (the mayo was barely perceptible, and lobster connoisseurs know butter is a necessary condiment to lobster). True, the roll itself isn't huge, but it includes so much lobster and is just so downright delicious that one roll satisfied our dinner craving.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Luke's!

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