Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Would-be Capitol Bomber Had Other Targets

Two weeks ago, we told you about Amine El Khalifi, the Moroccan man who was arrested by the FBI for allegedly plotting to bomb the Capitol.  According to police reports, the FBI arrested him on the day he was to have detonated those bombs.

Today, we learn via the Washingtonian that the bomber had originally set his sites on two other locations: Bistro Bis and Aria, the restaurant attached to the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center.  Aria is attached to DC's largest office space, which houses high profile institutions like the US Customs and Border Protection headquarters, and is only two blocks from the White House.  Likewise, Bistro Bis' proximity to the Capitol and to Union Station is likely what made it a liability.

According to government informants, El Khalifi's original plan was to arrive at Aria at lunchtime with a bomb in his jacket.
Blue pins reflect El Khalifi's original targets.  
Red pin is the Capitol, what he allegedly ultimately settled on. 

The suspect is still being held in federal prison in Alexandria.

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