Monday, November 1, 2010

Overall crime is up in Penn Quarter, volent crime decreases

It's November 1st, and time to review crime stats for October 2010.

The bad news is crime is up in Penn Quarter over September (though there is an extra day in October--and that day is Halloween), the good news is violent crime is down.

Here is a map of where the crime is occurring, courtesy of the Metropolitan Police Department (click to enlarge):

There were no reports of homicide, sex abuse, arson, or assault with a gun either month.  Robberies without a gun dropped from 6 incidents to only 3.  Assault with a dangerous weapon (other than a gun) stayed steady at 3 incidents.  There was one burglary, 19 thefts (not from an auto), 11 thefts from an auto, and 2 stolen vehicles.

As a frame of reference, the Washington Post publishes this chart, which compares the risk of crime in Penn Quarter compared to the National Average, which of course includes a lot of rural areas:

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