Monday, November 1, 2010

The Rally & Missed Connections

TBD reports on the missed connections that popped up on Craigslist after the rally.  Apparently there were 42 of them, including this one for a "hippy chick" with an iPhone who watched the rally from home.

TBD compiled a list of their favorites:

15. "I was wearing a kangaroo pin and your friend with the gray curly fro noticed it."

14. "Bikes locked on same poll at rally!"

13. To the woman "taking pictures at the rally . . . you weren't bothering me at all."

12. "John from NY," you "had a scruffy brown beard."

11. "We were both carrying signs that said 'DON'T STOMP ON MY HEAD' with that rattlesnake on it. I'd expected to see more people with the same joke, but though I saw a bunch of signs with that little rattlesnake . . . I only saw one other person who made this ripped-from-the-headlines head-stomping joke. You."

10. "DC Holiday Inn Bar - After Rally - w4m . . . You were sitting at a high table near the door with what appeared to be your father or father-in-law and quite possibly your wife."

9. "I took your number to meet up for Halloween but must have been off a digit."

8. "Me: Guitar pic necklace."

7. "I was the one guy holding a sign which said unemployment paid 4 this sign. Was hoping one of the many people who took my photo would be so kind to forward a copy to me or friend me on Facebook and tag me or something. "

6. "I had already ordered breakfast, but you thought I hadn't."

5. "Didn't get to thank you two for the cheese and crackers."

4. "You used my rocking chair as a coat rack for your purple sweatshirt."

3. "I was going to say something to you as we left, but after watching the guy in front of us throw up, my friends and I just wanted to get out of there."

2."You were standing inches behind me for most of the event. . . . I will never forget you."

1. "I'm the guy with the dreads that helped you off the port-a-john at the rally. I'm kicking myself for not at least getting your name."

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