Thursday, December 9, 2010

Capitol Bikeshare live mapping (conclusion: it's cold outside)

Speaking of real time mapping, Capitol Bikeshare also has real-time mapping for where bikes are being checked out.

Their website will show you what locations have bikes, how many have been checked out, and you can look at different days and times and see what the typical bike usage is.  The map will even animate for you to see the flows of bike traffic.

Here is the Penn Quarter area right now.  The size of the circles corresponds to how large the bike rack is (obviously bigger in Penn Quarter than most places) and the color coding is this: 

You can see that none of the machines are very full or empty right now.  3.5% of the bikes are in use (well it is 30 degrees out), which the site says is "fairly low" (we should hope so).  That's 1.5% lower than yesterday at this time.

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